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New Song! New Album! Black Friday Sale!

Hey buddies! Welcome to my second ever blog post. So much has happened since we last spoke.

I went to the Blackpot Camp and festival/cookoff in Eunice and Lafayette, Louisiana, respectively, and it blew my mind. It had been ages since I’d attended a camp like that. There’s something about being immersed in an environment that’s focused on learning and collaboration with a bunch of like minded peers that’s truly magical. Folks were so friendly. Had some amazing meals, super jams, extraordinary shit shooting sessions, dances, and on and on. Gah. Loved it.

Shortly after my return to Canada, I headed to the Woodstove festival in Cumberland, BC, with Country Squall. Nothing can touch the Blackpot experience, but Woodstove was rather magical in its own right. Lotsa jams, pals old and new, great sets, you get the drift. I’ll be back for sure!

In fact, I enjoyed hangin in Cumberland so much, I’m headed back there this weekend! On Saturday, I’m appearing on my pal Josh Lichti’s podcast, Stumped. Josh builds banjos and other things out of wood, does standup comedy, and picks tunes. I like him! On the podcast, I’m gonna play a few tunes and say some scintillating things. Oh yeah.Josh is hosting a comedy open mic Friday night at the Waverley Hotel in Cumberland. Fun! Also on Saturday, I’ll be appearing at the Pop-Up Shop at B-Side Studio 2719 Dunsmuir Ave with my buddy Amy Muloin. She’s rad. She does double duty as an amazing singer-songwriter and a stellar visual artist, so yah. Check out her website below. And, she’s also gonna be on Josh’s podcast. If we get our shit together, we may even do one or two songs ensemble (that means together en français)! The Pop-Up runs from 4-8 and I think we play at around 6. If yer in the area, come check out this sweet lil market featuring a bunch of the Comox Valley’s finest artists and artisans. As we approach the consume-y season, I think it’s rad to support local folks so they keep doin’ their thing. It’s a good idea!

Speaking of supporting peeps, I released a song last week! It’s dedicated to the memory of my buddy, Cameron Latimer and, with a stroke of creative brilliance, I entitled it Cam’s Song. I recorded my part back in January. In April, I was fortunate enough to enlist the talents of big huge deal Alec Spiegelman to arrange brass and winds for the song as well as performing the bari sax and mellophone parts. At that session, which Alec tells me took place at The Webster, the mighty Zoë Guigueno imparted her bass-y sensibilities to the song. Yuss. Then, I asked another big huge deal, Daniel Lapp, if he’d play trumpet for the piece. He said yes! I am truly humbled by the fact that all of these shredders deigned to participate in making this song. Frealz. It’s incredible. Thanks a million , y’all! The song was mostly engineered, mixed, and mastered by Mr. Myke Hall, who did an amaaazing job and then refused to send me an invoice. Woweee what a guy! The accompanying artwork for the song was done by Cam Latimer himself. I really dig his style. My roommate and good pal Kelly Cavanagh helped me make a digital version of Cam’s artwork. Thanks Kel! And thanks everyone else! I’d hyperlink folks to everyone’s website but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Ha. I’m gonna post a bunch of links to my sweet buddies’ pages at the end of this post. K. I’m almost finished talking about Cam’s Song. I just wanted to mention that if folks want to purchase a digital copy of the song on Bandcamp, I’ll donate half the proceeds to an educational fund for Cam’s daughter, Frankie. She’s almost 16 and maybe I’ll be able to pay for her driving exam, or sumpthin! PS next Friday is Bandcamp Friday, so if you buy it then, Bandcamp will waive their share and let us keep all the dough. Speaking of Bandcamp Friday-Zoë, Daniel, and Alec all have stuff up there and I highly recommend checking it out. I’ll post links below.

Hey, so, I’m making a new album! I’ve asked Adam Iredale-Gray, who is super talented and accomplished and an all round rad dude, to produce the thing. Starting in January, we’re gonna record it at Fiddlehead Studios on Mayne Island, which is one of my favourite places on earth. So far, I’ve enlisted Rad Juli on drums, Mairi Chaimbeul on keys and Robert Alan Mackie on bass, and I’m really really excited about it! I wrote most of the songs in 2022, so they’re still pretty fresh and that feels great. If all goes well, the album will be released in Oct 2023. I’ll be posting updates as I go along, so please subscribe to this blog if yer into that kinda thing.

Oh! It’s Black Friday tomorrow(today)? For those of you who’re interested, I have a sale on lessons. Until Dec 2, If you book four lessons, I’m offering 25% off my regular rate-which is already super affordable. Drop me a line if yer interested in lessons for you or yer loved ones. By the way, in addition to music lessons, I can also teach you how to cook!

I’m still a bit new to having a website, so maybe I’m a bit behind the eightball, but I’m going to create a links page, so you can find things I’m referring to a bit more easily. I’m also thinking about adding a photos page, so I can post some photographic evidence of all these goings on. Meanwhile, stay cool and go easy buddies! Xo, C

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Daniel Lapp:

Amy Muloin:

Adam Iredale-Gray:

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